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Fire and Ice 🔥🔥🔥❄️❄️❄️ Comp Lyfe MO Vortex and Bolt, Claw and Keychain Knife 💀💀💀 @moderndistribution @modernvaporcompany @complyfe_tcl @ivguk @platinumvapebar_tcl @bizzlejuice_tcl @sir.os.alot_tcl @harper_tcl @queencomplyfe_tcl #moderndistribution #modernvaporcompany #TEAMMODERN #ModernAF #skullsup #complyfe #jointheresistance #complyfesponsorprospect #complyfetakeover #cottonbacon #mechlyfe #vape #vaper #vapeallday #vapefam #vapedaily #vapestagram #vapepics #vapepictures #vapelyfe @vapeporn #mechmod #vapelyfe #MechModLyfe #vapenation #vapeoftheday @vapehooligans #vapepics @vapeordiy @instavaperz @dripgram @vapors @vapedaily @vappix

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  • @mattdubbleyou 4 months ago

    I’m a jellyfish over here @geodajedi so much #fire

  • @street.vapez 4 months ago


  • @vapingdevil 4 months ago

    That’s what I call a #handcheck 🖤

  • @ov_the_void_tgb 4 months ago

    Those comp buttons 😍

  • @geodajedi_tcl 4 months ago

    @mattdubbleyou thank you 🙏 😁

  • @geodajedi_tcl 4 months ago

    @street.vapez 🙏🙌👊

  • @geodajedi_tcl 4 months ago

    @vapingdevil ☠️☠️☠️

  • @geodajedi_tcl 4 months ago

    @ov_the_void 🙏🙌🔥🔥🔥

  • @youseepooo 4 months ago

    What's the one on the right called? And it takes 18560 batteries ?🔥🔥🔥

  • @85mustangjenn 4 months ago

    Wow I love it 😍😍😍💨💨💨💚🤘

  • @geodajedi_tcl 4 months ago

    @youseepooo @complyfe_tcl Murdered Out Bolt! It’s amazing!

  • @geodajedi_tcl 4 months ago

    @85mustangjenn thank you so much!! 👊🤟

  • @geodajedi_tcl 4 months ago

    @cndvapes 👊👊

  • @edwardjairus 4 months ago


  • @nodaavapes 4 months ago

    @edwardjairus *sigh*

  • @cheezw1z_tvl 4 months ago

    Those look 😍😍 Beautiful! Also what’s the one on the left called?

  • @geodajedi_tcl 4 months ago

    @cheezw1z_tvl Comp Lyfe Vortex! 🔥🔥🔥

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2 months ago

高 街 麵 霸🥢 # 由第一街到第三街再到高街 終於搵到尼間小店啦😝 比佢個腸粉燒到🤤🤤🤤🤤 🍳 懷 舊 蛋 花 炒 腸 粉 $32 醬可以自選~有蔥花、花生醬🥜、甜醬、辣椒醬🌶️、芝麻 D醬吱得好靚💓個腸粉炒得好香口🤤 加埋d醬好好食 蛋花再多小小就更正 如果屋企樓下都有間賣蛋花炒腸粉就好lu🤤 # 高街麵霸 🚩西環西營盤高街39號地舖 #foodxtaste西環 #炒腸粉 #腸炒 #蛋 #蛋花

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1 month ago

My latest song for currently running serial on colors - Udaan .. 😊 @colorstv #udaan #repost #ArpitaMukherjee #lullabysong #lullabysongs #udannsapnonki

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4 days ago

insta見たで割引き効きます🎊 DMからのご予約お取り出来ます💡 ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ @shiro.AFLOAT_DL LINE ID→ @xso0407v お値段はこちらから💁‍♂️ ☑︎明るくしたい ☑︎ブリーチしたいけど傷みが気になる ☑︎ツヤがほしい ☑︎外国人風にしたい ☑︎可愛くなりたい😍 ☑︎普段のカラーに飽きた❗️ ☑︎周りと差を付けたい❗️ などなど他とは違うカラーをお客様に合わせて提案させて頂きます❗️ 一緒に相談しながら希望のヘアスタイルにしていきましょう😊✨ tel 03-5778-0386 港区南青山5-6-26 青山246ビル 4F

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1 month ago

Why are shoes so hard to draw ;^; eeeee- I was gonna color this but you know, I’m lazy. So please, if you want to color this then 👏🏼 do it 👏🏼. Also I wanna talk about my au before I forget to do it. Luke will be in my AU, and he is a loner. He kinda does dangerous things like killing ppl or idk just to get money and he’d rather work alone than in a group cuz he has trust issues ((lemme just say that you’re gonna hate me for this but Luke and ohm used to work together before but something happened and ohm may or may not be alive)) so he’s kinda quiet and mysterious ya know. And I think one day, (before Evan and Jon got together, at this point they kinda hated each other) Jon kinda walked away really pissed off and then he bumped into Luke. So they looked mysteriously at each other and I guess they started talking and getting to know each other. Jon found out that Luke works alone and does stuffs and he was amazed by it bc working alone is a lot harder than you think. And then Jon started to think about what if he worked alone. He thought that things would’ve been easier and he held that thought for a very long time. Luke left and they didn’t meet each other for awhile. He only appears whenever Jon’s group is in danger, Luke would like kinda only protect Jon bc he knows him a little bit. And that, will make Evan very jealous. There’s no delitoonz in this but there’s an obvious hint of jealousy from Evan. #ohmtoonz

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